Moving to new place

Living in Ho Chi Minh City has become easier for me. It is not as though as I thought in the beginning when I arrived in this country. It becomes possible as I got new friend day by day. Neighborhood where I stayed so far also not bad, in the sense that I have easy access to my daily needs (food, entertainment and praying). I stayed in several places since I came to this city. In the first five months, I stayed in a Japanese hotel. The room was not big, but it was enough for me to have proper rest. One good thing from Japanese hotel is I can easily get halal food since most menu are seafood and I already familiar with Japanese food. One disturbing issue for staying in the hotel for a long term is that the management frequently asked me to move from one room to another when my staying period is extended. Maybe it won’t happen if the occupancy rate is low, but my case was different. With above situation I’m getting used to be a “nomad.” Packing and unpacking stuff is usual thing for me. After staying at hotel, I move to a serviced apartment. This so-called apartment actually is a renovated hotel. Maybe the previous owner had difficulty in running hotel service, so he/she sold the property to a serviced-apartment company. I stayed eight months in this new place. I got bigger room and better access to mosque (Musulmane Mosque in Dong Du Street). I can easily go to mosque for Fajr and Isya and extend my network with local and foreigner muslim in Ho Chi Minh City. Even every day after Fajr we recite Quran together as we have constant jamaah since I moved to that serviced-apartment. That “connection” made me feel uneasy when I decided to move to family-size apartment in the beginning of May.

I have to look for a new place because my wife will join me staying in Vietnam. I have browsed  several apartments long time before. Actually the information I collected was mainly from my Indonesian friend. Often I visited their place when I was still single and imagined what would it like if I stay there with my wife later. One area that attract me stay there is Phu My Hung (PMH) in District 7. It is a residential complex consisted of many apartments and living support (shops, schools, banks, hospital, etc.). The landscape of PMH is not like common Vietnamese neighborhood. It is completely different. The area was designed in modern style. It become one of popular destinations of people to spend their weekend. For me, I sometimes rent a bike in PMH and strolling around with my friends on Sunday. Since I already felt that PMH is suitable place for me to live, I began contacted property agent to see apartment unit for rent in early April. Unbelievably, I fell in love with the first unit I visit. And after comparing to other units, still, the first one was the best for me. It has spacious kitchen, integrated family space and dining room, study room, and relatively manageable in area (easy to clean, hopefully 😉 ) Then after one month, I decided to move to that unit in Sky Garden apartment complex.

Sky Garden is beautiful and lively. It has shuttle bus stop to go to District 1. Very convenient in term of accessibility. Moreover, new big mall has just opened just next to our complex. With the same name as its Singapore branch, Vivo City offers new option for shopping and entertainment.

Although my new apartment is far from mosque, I hope I will find more barakah in there. It will be our first home to manage our small family with my wife 🙂

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