Assembling a Dream

I was asking my friend to bring me a map of London when she finished her research visit in that city. Why a map?
Firstly, I like geography. By exploring a map, I can make an imagination about the place. It’s very interesting. When I was in junior high school I have an A0 size map of China. It was sent by Chinese Embassy as a reply to my mail for asking them to give me some materials about China. I was enjoying that map while playing “Three Kingdom” game in my computer. Every time I enter new stage, I checked the location in the real map, so I can imagine where did I play.

Secondly, as I said, map can help me imagine places. If you can vividly imagine one thing and have a passion to pursue that thing, then it will foster you to achieve that image/dream. By having this map, I hope I can step my foot in that city sometimes in the future. Do you know why I can be here in Tokyo? It was started from a dream and imagination about this city. By staring at a map of Tokyo in my room, I can saw my self strolling around the city.

So, looking at map and starting to imagine a future, is a first step to realize your dream. I hope I can be here someday… London.

Map of London

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