Happy Birthday to Us

Today is my brother’s birthday. As a youngest member of my family, he always show an attitude that attracts more attention from other member. Vice versa, my parents also give him special treatment.

In his special day, my mother, as expected, bought him a birthday cake. It was different for me and my sister who rarely celebrate our birthday with this kind of stuff. As I remember, the last time my parents hold a birthday party for me, is when I was in kindergarten. So did my sister has.
But today, instead of buying two candles with “1” and “2” shape, unexpectedly, she also bought “3”,”4″ and “7” shaped candles. Surprisingly, she wanted to throw a birthday party for each of us, including my cousin Bilal and Abi. Although we didn’t invite any guest, at least we have a photograph with our birthday cake.
So, we were lined up. Waiting to be photographed… 😀
First candle combination : “2” and “3”, representing my birthday
My brother, me and my sister in ‘my birthday party’, hueheheheh 😀

Second candle combination : “1” and “3”, representing Abi’s birthday

Third candle combination : “1” and “4”, representing Bilal’s birthday

The real birthday boy…Ade Alfa!

Fourth candle combination : “1” and “2”, for ‘the real birthday boy’ !

The last candle combination : “1” and “2”, for my sister’s sweet seventeen

That was our birthday story…how about you?? Hehe 🙂

おたんjぷび おめでとう !!!

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